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The outbound mail section offers a variety of mailing services to fit the needs of the campus. We process our mail using high-tech, efficient equipment to ensure the lowest cost and timely expediting of the mail. Mail services can be requested by completing a mailing information form. We offer the following* mailing services:

Addressing Heading link

    • Inkjet-address printed directly onto the mail piece.
    • Labeling-self-adhesive.

Inserting & Sealing Heading link

    • Insertion of one or more inserts into a letter or flat-sized envelope. For flat-size machine insertion, booklet type envelopes are required.
    • Sealing is available for letter and flat-sized envelope. When sealing is required, leave flaps open and nest the pieces into each other.

Folding Heading link

    • Folding is offered for single sheets only. The minimum sheet size requirement is 4″X6″ and the maximum is 15″X23″.
      The following types of folds are available:
      • Page
      • Double imposition
      • Standard
      • Accordion
      • Parallel

Tabbing Heading link

    • Tabbing is required on some mailings due to U.S. Postal Service automation requirements. Staples are not an acceptable form of closure.

Metering (applying postage) Heading link

    • Mail for metering that is received before noon will go out that same day.
    • Mail received in the afternoon is not guaranteed to go out the same day.

Label List Heading link

    • The preferred database is an xBase compatible format (e.g., dBase, FoxPro, Clipper, etc.). Microsoft Excel workbook (*.xls) and Access (**.mdb) files are acceptable, along with comma delimited (“,”), fixed-length, tab-delimited, and some text files.
    • Use of other characters for delimiters may incur additional conversion costs.
    • Many software programs will save properly formed files from one type to any of the above.
    • In addition, if a database is being used for addresses, separate fields for address, city, state, and zip code should be included.

UPS Heading link

    • UPS offers a variety of services.  Please call for pricing.

Courier Service Heading link

Messenger services are available upon request.**

* All outbound mail services are subject to a processing fee.

**These services are provided using outside vendors.